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Are you frustrated dealing with recruiters who don’t hit their targets? Are you disappointed at their lack of mojo and motivation? Or perhaps it’s YOU that’s struggling to make placements…
If you run a recruitment business, manage a team of recruiters or work as an independent recruiter, you’ll know there is nothing more important than making placements.  Without placements, you simply don’t have a business...
How would you like to get a permanent fix for this?  So that instead of having underachieving consultants or if you’re running your own desk, those feast and famine months, that you or your team are making 2 to 3 placements a month consistently and that you’ve got a flow of clients calling you?

In This Ebook, You'll Learn:

  • My exact process to get under performers back on track to high billing success in 14 days or less
  • 6 Proven Strategies you can use Immediately to get any recruiter to consistently smash their targets each month
  •  A simple step-by-step formula to re-motivate any flagging consultant
  • The 3 mistakes 80% of recruitment managers make that lose big biller
  • Why the instructions you give to your team are not getting the results you want……. and how to fix this

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